Atom converting tabs to spaces


I have been using Atom as my defacto editor for pretty much anything… I recently discovered something that its either a bug or maybe I am doing something wrong.

When I type some text and I hit my TAB key, for some reason it doesn’t treat the space created as a TAB, but as a space and when coding Makefiles, well you get the gist of it…

So how can I configure Atom to not do that or is it that I am doing something wrong?


This behavior is called “soft tabs” and you can disable it in the Settings View at the bottom of the main settings screen.


And if you only want to change this behavior for e.g. Makefiles, check out the overrides package </shameless-plug>


I’ve been using the package and found it very useful to work around strange atom tabbing behaviour on occasion.


@ioquatix, Tabs to Spaces and Spaces to Tabs is a default functionality and comes build in with atom/whitespace package.


It is now. That functionality was only added recently. And my tabs-to-spaces package still has one piece of functionality that Atom doesn’t have by default … which is automatically tabifying or untabifying on every save, if you want.


I’m actually having this issue still on 0.120.0 with the Soft Tabs option disabled.

If I re-open the project, it goes back to using tabs again, but after a while it seems to revert to using spaces and I have to re-open again.

Very odd and seems quite random. I’ve tried, but I can’t find a hard and fast way to recreate this reliably.