Atom的 Convert Spaces to Tabs和控制台怎么用?


I just contact the atom these days, this software is very convenient to use, I heard the Convert Spaces to Tabs and console function is very powerful, I searched on baidu, but did not find relevant tutorial, also don’t know how to use up to now. Is there a specific post descriptions, it is better to have a video.

There’s just one problem: with CTRL + k + shit to delete a line, can appear the bottom right hand corner of the soft keyboard, could you tell me how to set the can delete a line not to let it out? My system is Windows 7 64 bits.

My English is not very good, baidu translation sometimes translation is not accurate, if you have not the clear place, welcome to ask.

Thank you.:grin:


This is not something that Atom has control over. It sounds like you have another program that is catching the ctrl-shift-k sequence.


Yes,it is,but I don’t know how to chang the windows’s shortcut or the atom’s .
I had searched on the Baidu and Being,but no results.


The Atom manual has a section on keybindings. I can’t personally help you with the other program.