Atom consumes a lot of I/O at starting with a big project, how avoid it?


When I launch atom consumes a lot of I/O along five or ten minutes, because i’m working in a very heavy project. I guess that is related with the indexing and processing of all files in the project.
This really annoying.
The process that eats all resources is (iotop’s output) :
atom --eval CompileCache = require(’/usr/share/atom/resources/app/src/compile-cache.js’)~atom/resources", require)

How can avoid this behaviour?


Does this happen if you start atom with the --safe parameter? That would tell us if it’s atom itself, or an extension package causing the issue.


When I ran atom with --safe flag, i lost my custom settings and extensions, but the behaviour was the same. :frowning:


Not an add-on then. The only thing I can think of for a work-around is to run atom with the ionice program. You might also take a look at the (built-in) package for the language used by your project.


I don’t know, I will trying things…

Thanks anyway!