Atom Consistently Crashing Every 5-10 minutes since install


A co-worker and myself both tried to make the move from Sublime Text 3 to Atom yesterday. Since we’ve installed it (and reinstalled it) the program has consistently been crashing after every 5-10 minutes of use (if it’s not being used it doesn’t crash). I’ve tried in safe mode, updated to 1.13.1, tried the beta, the works. We really like the system and would like to continue using it, but have no idea what is going on. We have completely different computers running different OS (Windows 7 and 10). Any help would be appreciated.



Are you using Atom on any particularly large files? Have you tried renaming or deleting the %USERPROFILE%/.atom folder?

The Debugging chapter of the Flight Manual has a section on crash logs, and further down is a section on diagnosing runtime performance. If you could provide more information along those lines, the devs would be better able to figure out what’s going on.


Nope, nothing overly complicated yet. an HTML doc with a couple hundred lines of code and a CSS document with about the same. I deleted the .atom folder and same crash. I’m not running into any performance issues, everything feels super snappy until it crashes out of nowhere.

Again, any help/insight would be appreciated.


What about your resource use? Are your CPU and RAM getting loaded up? Atom can be a rather large process.

I have Windows 10 and have never experienced regular crashing over the months I’ve been using Atom.