Atom config directory locations?


I am on Linux, I know atoms config directory is located /home/USER/.atom/ but in the interest of making my package work on Windows and MacOS I would like to know their directory locations as well. On Windows, I believe it is under C:/users/USER/AppData/Roaming/atom and MacOS is something else.


I believe the default download locations are: on Windows C:\Users\name\AppData\Local\atom and on Mac/usr/local/bin/atom.

Atom stopped working

@Drew-S why do you need to know the config directory location for your package?
The locations are %USERPROFILE%\.atom on Windows and ~/.atom on macOS.


I am placing a configuration .json file in it that the user can easy copy and backup from.


The paths @Wliu mentions are the defaults. People can still override the default, so you should always use atom.config.getUserConfigPath to find the path to the config.cson and then get the parent directory of that.