Atom completely died on my ubuntu 17.10



I was using atom for about an half year without any problems, but yesterday it crashed the first time
for some reason. If I now try to open it again nothing happens.
I also tried “atom --safe” via command line. That did not help. I found out that the atom command itself is completely dead. The command does nothing anymore. I can use the atom command with all parameters, even non existing ones and I get the new command line instantly. So it looks like the command does nothing anymore. I also tried do remove atom and deleting the .atom folder at my home directory with no success.



The Atom flight-manual has a couple of things you can try to resolve issues like this:

Some suggestions:

  • atom --help do you get any output?
  • atom --clear-window-state does Atom start again? (Note that this command will destroy any unsaved changes you might have across all projects)
  • atom --foreground is there any error message logged to the terminal?


I already saw the debugging section and tried some things, but I never get output, error message and not even a delay between the commands.


The .atom folder doesn’t have anything to do with the atom command. When you tried to remove Atom, what steps did you take?


I opend the Ubuntu Software Application, clicked on “Installed” Tab and then on “Remove” at the Atom Entry.
After a Laptop restart I installed Atom again via the Ubuntu Software Application.


It’s possible that the command itself broke, and then removing Atom didn’t uninstall the command so it didn’t get fixed when you reinstalled. I don’t have a system that I can check on at the moment, but which atom should indicate to you the location of the command file and, if my hypothesis is correct, could still print out a result after uninstalling it. You could also try downloading and installing it manually.


If I remove Atom I get the error, that the command “atom” is not known. So it looks like Atom is uninstalled.
After installing Atom again “which atom” prints the default path: “/snap/bin/atom”.


Looks like you installed Atom as a snap. We don’t support the Atom snap package so I recommend that you uninstall it and install either the .deb from or use the official package repository.


After restinstalling atom with the official package repo it works again.
Thank you