Atom Community linter-csslint installation fails


I understand that the HTML, CSS and JavaScript linter versions work instantly, but most depend on installation of specific engines or further configuration. when I try to install linter-csslint, I receive an error.
It’s a lengthy error message, but the first paragraph reads: "npm WARN addRemoteGit git+ resetting remote /Users/danielleavey/.atom/.apm/_git-remotes/https-github-com-AtomLinter-csslint-git-d9ec64d1 because of error: Agreeing to the Xcode/iOS license requires admin privileges, please re-run as root via sudo."
Since I’m not trying to install using NPM, I don’t understand the error. I’m install via Install Packages in Settings. Can someone suggest why the package won’t install.

Thank you.



Some portion of the package has a native build component for some reason and you upgraded XCode recently. Most likely all you have to do is open a Terminal session and type sudo xcodebuild and follow the prompts. When you’ve agreed to the new license, then you should be able to start the install process again and it should work.


Do you mean a Terminal session on my Mac, or through Atom? I’m not too familiar with Terminal operations.
I’m also getting this message under the Tab, atom/config.cson:

#csslint path. run ‘which csslint’ to find the path
’executablePath’: null


Terminal session on your Mac. You should be able to also just start XCode and it should prompt you to agree to the license.


Okay, I did both the Terminal session and the Agreement approval after opening up XCode. I quit Atom and reopened it to be greeting by a big pink warning box with a flame icon on its left-hand side that reads:

Failed to load config.cson
[stdin]:23:18: error: missing '
‘executablePath’: null


Sounds like something malformed your config.cson. You could post it in a Gist and people here could take a look.


Problem may have resolved. I did both the Terminal session sudo xcodebuild and the Agreement approval after opening up XCode. I quit Atom and attempted a new intall of linter-csslint. The package loaded, is now present in Packages, and no further warnings are popping up.