Atom commands


Okay, first off, im extremely new to atom. i’v’e only ever used it a few times to program in C++.

My problem is that i keep seeing these command lines everywhere. eg.

atom-ide-ui 0.5.3 

atom-maven 1.3.2
ide-java 0.6.4
jQuery 1.2.5
language-scala 1.1.9


had to write it here. something happened and it posted itself lol.

basically i don’t know where to input these commands. cmd? atom itself? an atom package? i dunno.

any help appreciated


Hey :wave:

You have some options:

  1. In Atom, if you open up settings and then go to the Install tab, you should be able to search each name (one by one) and install those packages.


  1. In Atom, if you open the command palette (cmd-shift-p or ctrl-shift-p), you can install shell commands. This adds two things to your command line (on your system terminal): atom (opens atom like “atom .”) and apm (atom package manager). You can install those packages using “apm install atom-ide-ui” and such. Once done, you just have to restart Atom and they will be installed.


In the examples, you only give names of packages and jQuery, not any examples of command lines that you need explained. Please post a link to one in its original context and we can explain it.

You likely pressed tab and then pressed enter without noticing that the cursor had disappeared from the text box and reappeared as a hard-to-identify blue outline around the blue Reply button.

This feature exists only in the Mac version and isn’t relevant outside of that platform (Linux doesn’t forget the shell commands, and Windows has issues with them sometimes but Windows users rarely use the command line until they have to).