Atom Commander Folder Color


Is there any way to make the folders yellow in the directory displays?


The selector for an Atom Commander directory is atom-commander-list-view-table directory. You can find this by opening a window in developer mode, opening the Atom Commander pane, right-clicking on a directory and selecting “Inspect Element”.


Thanks. I’m not quite with you, though. I start with F10 toggled to show the dual pane display of Atom Commander:

Then I toggle developer tools:

That shows the Developer Tools pane on the right:

But Developer Tools doesn’t seem to be opened to the left pane where the folders are displayed.I have the Music folder selected, for example, but that doesn’t show in the Developer Tools pane. And selecting a different folder, like mp3s just above Music, doesn’t change the Developer Tools display. Also, searching in the Developer Tools pane for “atom-commander-view-table” doesn’t find anything.

Also, right-clicking a folder doesn’t show the inspect option:

I think I’m close but I’m still doing something wrong.

Thanks for your help.


To get the option on the context menu, you have to actually open a window in dev mode. Simply opening the tools doesn’t do that for you (much to my chagrin).


Well, the way you open an edit window is to select a file, like a php file, in a directory somewhere. And the way you open the Atom Commander window, with the split panes, is to hit F10. So how do you turn on Dev mode before you do either of those things?


Edit -> Developer -> Open in Dev Mode... or go to your command line and type atom -d.


I don’t have an Edit -> Developer -> Open in Dev Mode:

I do have a View->Developer -> Open Dev Mode:

But this just opens a window that doesn’t seem to have anything to do with what we’re talking about:

Opening a cmd window, though, and entering atom -d does seem to get me where I want to be. Now I can right-click, get the inspect option and see the relevant Dev Tools stuff on the right.

The next question is where to change the CSS? There doesn’t seem to be a separate .css file; the CSS is inline with the HTML, and there are tons of files involved:

So how would I change the color of the folders to be yellow and have it stick around the next time atom is loaded?

Thank you again for your help.


Yes it does, because when you select a folder, it will open that folder in a dev mode window.

The next question is where to change the CSS?

File -> Stylesheet. This is all covered in the docs.


Got it! Thanks for your patience.


No problem. :slight_smile: