Atom command not found after running script/bootstrap


The instructions at make it seem like after running script/bootstrap, I should be able to start atom with just typing atom in the terminal. I have ATOM_DEV_RESOURCE_PATH set to “~/atom”, which is where I cloned the package. script/bootstrap runs without any errors.

If I run script/build it creates an executable in the out folder that I can run to start atom, but the instructions in the link make it seem like you shouldn’t have to build atom to run it: " When the ATOM_DEV_RESOURCE_PATH environment variable is set correctly, Atom is run using the source code from your local atom/atom repository. This means that you don’t have to run script/build every time you change code. Just restart Atom"


You are misreading the documentation. In order to activate a program from the command line, you have to have the executable in a folder that exists on your PATH variable, which you do not. The variable mentioned here tells the Atom executable to load the code from your development folder instead of the ASAR archive that gets built when you build it.

The simplest way to fix it is to create a symbolic link from your global bin/ folder to the folder with the executable.

sudo ln ~/atom/out/atom /usr/bin/atom