Atom color syntax ignoring </p>



Sometimes Atom does not color the </ p>, this happens on long paragraphs, because these are only large ones that are not colored. It’s not blocking but just annoying.

Any idea ?

My Atom version is 1.18.0, my UI Theme is “One Dark” and my Syntax Theme is “One Dark”.


From your description, it’s probably because the paragraph is over 500 characters and all on one line. Atom stops highlighting past a certain character length because long lines were causing large performance issues.


Thanks for your answer.

Exact, the

is on one line. Like this one there are more than 500 characters et Atom syntax colored until 980. Maybe the limit is 1000 ?


That’s probably the case.




I understand where you’re coming from, but I find large blocks of text like that hard to read in monospace, anyway. If I were in your shoes, I’d indent the contents of that <p> tag and put two newlines after Family Dinner Project.]. HTML ignores newlines, so you can break the text up without changing how it displays on the finished site.


Ok I understand, thanks for your time :fu:t2: