Atom Clock package


Hi guys,
since Atom does not provide any clock OOTB, I decided to create a simple package to get the time in the status bar. I usually keep Atom open full screen on OS X, so I can’t directly see the time unless I don’t move to another workspace.

I was not really satisfied with the existing community packages I found around, primarily because of the lack of customisation, so I decided to use moment.js in order to format the time. With this package, you can pick up your favourite time format, as well as the refresh time and whether or not to display a clock icon.

I’m still working on testing, but a first release is available already.

Here is the package, let me know what you think about it! Any comment or suggestion will be appreciated!


You should have called it atomic-clock.


Is this still valid when it comes to rename packages?


To my knowledge, yes it is.


I’m just wondering: what’s the problem with the package name?

BTW, “Warning: Once a package name has been used, it cannot be re-used by another package even if the original package is unpublished.” So, renaming the package will still hold both names, so what’s the point?


Dunno, still, I tried to keep a neutral name. I mean, Atom does not have any native clock package, and there is nothing in the status-bar, so maybe they’ll think about integrating something in the core packages eventually. I’ll be ready by then :smiley:

Do you guys think there could be any chance they could decide to stick a clock in the core?


Any time someone asks about whether something should be included in core, there are a few questions that run through my mind:

  1. What benefit is created by including this in core rather than as a package?
  2. What percentage of users will actually use this functionality?
  3. What functionality would you remove from Atom Core to include this?

The Atom team cannot maintain everything that people want included in core … that’s why there is a package ecosystem, so that the maintenance burden can be spread around. So there has to be a prioritization system not just “if a package is this popular then it gets to be in core”.

Disclaimer: I am not an employee of GitHub nor a member of the Atom Core team. I’m just an enthusiastic volunteer.


Nothing. I was just throwing out a pun. Didn’t really think it would be changed.


Made me chuckle.


Oh well, I was almost sure a clock isn’t worth be placed in the core, the core team prioritizes more important stuff. A clock isn’t something required from a text editor, so I guess it makes sense to keep it on a separate package. Just hope you like it if you use it! Any advice on how to make it faster and lighter is warmly appreciated!


I’m using it and appreciate it. I like not losing focus when checking the time. IMHO it shouldn’t be in core though.

I set the CSS to make it bigger and bolder. My eyes kind of suck.

My only complaint is that it is slow to update with the default setting. And it can only approach real-time by updating often. I wonder if it would hurt Atom performance to just update every second.

A smart update would be nice. On an update you could see how long it is going to be until the next roll-over of the time. The roll-over would be the next multiple of the update interval. Then you set the timeout for the next update to fire one second after the next roll-over. In other words you sync the updates.

I was thinking of maybe a pull request.


Ha, I might add a time since last commit. That’s a neat little value.