Atom Client Crashes

Hello Atom Support Team, Community, or Member,

I have recently switched to using Atom a

s my code editor, and my current version is 1.53.0 x64.

I have recently been experiencing a lot of times where the client would freeze, and I would have to exit it out either through a repeated series of clicking the exit button or force quitting (as I am using the code editor on a M1 silicon macbook).

I mainly have been coding HTML and CSS with Atom, and downloaded a series of packages that were recommended to help me code.

The packages have been uploaded as an attachment.

Thank you for your patience and time.

  • John

I apologize in advance on the misplacement of the screenshot as I can’t seem to find an edit button :sweat_smile: I am very new to using Atom and am still attempting to accustom to its interface. I hope you can understand :smile: