Atom Classy icons, is what Atom deserves for an Icon


I love Atom Editor but, I think it deserves a better icon!
So, I made Atom-Classy-icons

Please vote here which one is your favorite. I use Classy-Atom.

Enjoy :wink:


I like the tangible feel to Free.
Although I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do with it. If I’d set that as my application link’s icon, it would be overwritten by updates.


Yes, this a proposal to replace the default icon. or for Atom to not to overwrite the icon. like Atom could add in the setting a preference to replace the icon or restore the original one. what do you guys think about that ?


or you can add a script to auto restore your fav icon again if it get replaced but an update.
I’ll work on that script soon and let you guys know, God Willing.


There have been a number of proposals to replace Atom’s icon:

The canonical thread for this is here:

Also relevant is this official post stating that GitHub won’t be accepting brand-related pull requests:

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