Atom changes closing tag in jsx


I don’t know if this is a package or an atom feature but something is changing my html tags.
instead of <div>foo</div> it will show <div>foo</>
does anybody have an idea of how can I fix this? Thank you!


Please describe the precise circumstances where this happens. Does it happen when you start Atom from the command line with atom --safe?


It doesnt happen with --safe. Also it doesn’t happen in html, it happens in jsx, my bad. Also, It doesn’t break anything, I can still work with it but is really awkward.


Walk us through it. What exact steps do you take in order to get <div>foo</>?

Since it doesn’t happen with --safe, that means that it’s the result of a package and not caused by the editor. In order to figure out why, we need to identify exactly which package is causing it. What JSX packages do you have installed?


Whenever I finish to type the closing tag </div> it replaces it by </> and puts the div word at the end of the line, like this. Like I said, it doesn’t break anything but it’s really awkward.

  </>                                                                 div
</>                                                                   div

I have these ones


I have looked for the option inside those packages but couldn’t find it.


Try disabling them one at a time and seeing if that changes anything.

By this, do you mean that the code still runs? If so, then it’s probably a CSS thing that’s positioning the closing div way out on the edge, which is possible, but a really weird thing to have happen.


I don’t know how I missed that huh. Thank you.

So it was language-babel. I have no idea which option though, disabling and enabling did the job.


If it comes back, jump over to the package’s repo and give them all the information you can. They might be able to get to the bottom of it.