Atom Changed Design of Standart-Theme? Since about 1 hour?


I worked with Atom the whole day. I was looking normal. I closed it, and i installed ruby and scss on my pc, and i open it and it looks quite ugly. I uninstall ruby and atom and installed only atom, i cleared the .atom folder, but nothing happened. It looks awful. The tree view is also very unnormal. It looks different, there is now a hovering-button to hide it, and on right-click i cannot add a new project folder, and so on. Whats wrong? Does Atom has edited their standart theme, or is it my fault?


It’s hard for us to know what you’re seeing without a screenshot.

This definitely did change. With Atom 1.17.0, a new Docks feature was added to allow for more mutable side panels. I’m not sure why you aren’t able to add a project folder, because it shows up for me.


Thanks for your answer. I found out that i had auto update enabled, and the reason for my problems was the new version. So i uninstall it and installed an older version and disabled auto update. So my problem is solved.


How did you disable auto-update?


Very simple. Go to General settings and then you see ‘auto update’ as a check mark, its the third or fourth option


Thanks! For some reason I was under the impression it could not be disabled. I’m back on 1.16 again.


No problem :slight_smile: Me to :smiley: Its a lot better :stuck_out_tongue: