Atom causing Charset encoding Issues?


Hi all

I have recently discovered the brilliant search and replace function in Atom.

I have been using it to cleanup HTML websites that were suffering from mixed content issues after adding SSL certificates.

With Atom i can clean up mixed content issues in minutes by uploading the root files as a new project and running search and replace all, using https to replace all the http content .

The last site i did, after uploading back to the host by FTP has left hundreds of errors on the website. Mostly characters such as £,’, - are now showing as £, £ etc.

Interested to know if anyone else has had this issue. When i check the code in text edit on the Mac, it all looks good and is showing as UTF-8.

Before uploading to Atom, the website was displaying fine on the domain.

Any help would be much appreciated .

Thanks in advance



Hey is your issue resolved?


No it was never resolved :frowning:


Is it only a problem after you transfer the files back via FTP? If Atom is implicated in the issue, I would expect the “corruption” to show up when looking at a newly changed file in your browser while it’s still on your computer.