Atom Causing AppleSpell running @100%CPU and Memory Infinitely Growth, Until Crash OS


MacBook Pro
Atom 1.9.9
High Sierra

I had the following problem and it seems caused by Atom.

  1. Safari input is not useable at all (typing in a key and you need to wait 10-20 seconds to see it on the screen).
  2. AppleSpell runs at 100% CPU for hours and memory could reach 40+G
  3. My VMWare Fusion crashes once every hour or so.

Looking it carefully, it seems AppleSpell is the cause of all the troubles. Even if I stop AppleSpell, it would come back soon and kept running at 100% CPU.

When starting fresh, it seems AppleSpell aggressive run started right after Atom started. Therefore, I think Atom is the root cause of the problem.

Please help.



Please update your Atom version.
Atom V1.21.1 is now available.

If you still have issues, feel welcome to return.

A reference you can use:


Thanks. I updated to latest atom. I did find other causes of AppleSpel running 100%.


I would like to mark this as none issue since it is not uniquely caused by atom



It is good of you to chat to the forum about your experiences… even if not directly contributed by Atom. If there are someone interested for more detail they’d be sure to ask. It will not be me as the world of the Mac is foreign to me.

Go well.