Atom causes cursor delay, jumps, and inaccuracies

I just spent a long time trying to work out why my touchpad didn’t seem to be working, only to find that as soon as I closed Atom all the problems went away and my cursor was immediately 100% repsonsive again.

Whenever Atom has been running for more than 5 minutes, evne if just in the background, my cursor seems to be delayed, causing a weird smoothed behaviour, and and hence feeling unweildy and slow. There also seems to be small complete drops in responsiveness, in addition to random jumps of movement. This occurs everywhere, not just when working in the editor.

Overall, it makes it hard to use the cursor properly, and makes for a very frustrating experience.

I am glad it’s not a general issue, but I absolutely cannot figure out why Atom would cause this behaviour?

Can anyone help with this?

Thinking up a troubleshooting plan.
I would start by running atom --safe then gradually enable packages until you detect the culprit. Install the package package-list to help in managing package enable/disable states,
Depending on your OS (Windows/Linux/Mac) I would also write some simple cursor auto test rig to go through various cursor moves while you are enabling/disabling packages in Atom. I use a simple automation script - Actiona - for such UI testing. Works in Windows/Linux but not Mac.
It is no more than a standard process of step-by-step elimination of possible causes.