Atom can't start from Terminal


Hi everybody, I’ve installed Atom for Ubuntu 16.10 32-bit and when I try to start it from Terminal (for example with the command “atom a”) it doesn’t show nothing. Only when I exit from the terminal Atom shows a new program page with the previous “a” project.
The problem is ‘fixed’ when I launch Atom with the option --foreground, but before it shows me this message on the terminal:
" [5977:1114/] Running without the SUID sandbox! See for more information on developing with the sandbox on."

Anyone can help?


This sounds like a known issue:


Ok, so version 1.12.2 fix this bug. But how can I update my version to the new one? Atom website has only a 64-bit version of the file (atom-amd64.deb).


You could build it from source. Assuming you have the prerequisites taken care of, it’s really a one-step process.


Thanks so much! It works.