Atom can't find less import files


Hi everyone,

This is my first time using Atom and I’ve hit a little bump.
I am moving a local website to my hosting, so I’ve inserted all the files into the ftp. For some reason every time I try to save my main less file I get an error that it can’t find the other files.

I have changed nothing but the fact that the files are now in my FTP. The error shows me that it tries to find the file like this: “mixins.less, {local}Library/Caches/Cleanup At Startup/Transmit/2C5BD31E-8D6A-4FB3-91EA-B87025C2ACE2/mixins.less, mixins.less”

I hope anyone can help me with this. If more information is needed just ask!



Atom has no exposed capability to process Less files that aren’t used for its own style, so you must be using a package to compile them. It might help for you to identify that package.

At a guess, I’d say that Transmit’s temporary file storage schema isn’t what the preprocessor expects. You may have to process all of your style rules and then upload the result.


Sorry, forgot to mention that I’m using this auto compiler (

I’ve also posted this question there but so far no response. I am looking for a solution for the “process before upload” and thought this would be it. How would one normally use less files in FTP? Am I missing a more obvious solution?

Thanks for the quick response btw!


When I’ve used Less with FTP, I have kept the Less and CSS files in a folder with an autocompiler going, made my changes, saved, and then flipped to my FTP client and uploaded the folder. If Transmit has the ability to watch your local files and upload them on change, you could automate the last step as well.