Atom cannot use download attribute on HTML


Hi Everyone,
I just download Atom and I cannot use download attribute on HTML. I post detail and I am looking for help. When I click on the " download", It should download the the PDF but it actually open the pdf on Chrome.
I do not know why.
Thank you.


Are you clicking on the highlighted blue URL in the editor? Because the package that highlights URLs for you and makes them clickable in no way knows that the URL is part of a tag that has download later on. If you wanted to use the tag in that way, you would have to open the HTML file as a web page using a package such as browser-plus or atom-browser.


Thank you for your helping. I opened this in web page, The pdf has not download to my laptop afteri click on the download. I used package atom-brower. It does not work to download.sni


Does it work in Chrome?