Atom cannot open /var/www folder


I do not know what i am doing wrong but i cannot open /var/www/ folder with Atom. It is not even in the list in “Open folder” window … but it exists
(Using linux Mint 19)
Thank you


Is it hidden?


No it is not. I can see all files in standard explorer but only if i open Atom and want to find something in /var/ folder there is only a 6 folders. Most folders is missing

It is fresh Mint install so it cannot be hidden folder issue or problem with access or something
And strange thing is if i open file from /var/www/html directly with Atom it creates temporary file instead of opening direct file in the selected folder


I would say that it’s probably a permission issue. Try sudo chmod 755 /var/www/ and see if that changes anything.


Did not hepl… I can see the folder using normal file explorer and i can even open the file with Atom but when i do that Atom creates a copy of the file in run/user/1000/doc folder.


Alfinator1, succeeded to solve the problem? I have the same problem, LinuxMint 19 + Atom. Recommendations from the search engine do not help:(


It is ok now. The problem was that i have installed the atom directly from software area. After uninstall i did proper install through terminal and everything was fine


Our problem is observed in Atom Flatpack (is in the package manager). Installed the original package. It’s work! Thanks!