Atom cannot open files


Hi all,

I was using Atom and remote FTP package to access some files on a remote Linux server from Windows. I have a .ftpconfig file to store all information about this remote connection. However, at some point, I cannot open files from remote Linux and surprisingly I cannot open local files neither.

I tried right click and open with Atom, and I also tried double click. I tried click File and open files option too. None of them works. I tried this command: atom --clear-window-state. But it does not solve the problem. Anyone can shed any light about this issue?


What do you see if you start Atom from the command line with atom -f? If there’s a bug happening with a system function like opening files, it might show up in the process output.


Thank you for replying! I just tried that and Atom opens with no error message in terminal. But I still cannot open files. When I click File an Open File, it does not respond.


Have you tried removing the Atom program and reinstalling it? This won’t mess with your installed packages or configuration, because that’s all stored in the .atom/ folder.


ok i will try that and get back to you later.