Atom cannot install a single package , help needed


Everytime I try to install a package Atom give error ,

These are the errors I got










Atom Html Preview!4voyGITD!M6SuFhX6ZB18LP8YCAzJoBuYWltyY_SYjzidBA0rP7k




You might find your answer in this thread:

You really didn’t need to post all of those links, since the error message is the same in each one.


Haha , thank you so much for your interest but I m total newbie to all of this , coding , web developing . etc.
I m at home and my family using the internet. We have a strong wifi password. I don t know anything about that certificate thing. We have kaspersky installed to our computer if it s related ?
So can you guide me what steps should I take from the topic you shared , should I type that row to run panel ?


Open your system command line (on Windows, that’s cmd.exe unless you’ve downloaded another) and type

apm config set strict-ssl false


They all installed without a problem. thanks again. You made my day , so I want to give you amazon giftcard if you accept. Lastly after successfully installed all the packages should I restore the config settings or just leave them at ‘apm config set strict-ssl false’


Leave the config settings as they are. If you ever start developing a Node.js project, you might need to do it again for the npm settings, but otherwise you can forget about it.