Atom can t find virtualenv installation for django in windows .. what should I do?



Two things:

  1. Have you used the Virtualenv: Make command? That message reads to me as telling you that there’s no environment set up, not that it can’t find the virtualenv package.

  2. I can’t understate how bad an idea it is to put your code in the folder you have open. .atom/ is the configuration folder for Atom and shouldn’t contain any personal documents. .atom/.apm/ is a cache folder used to install packages. You should put your code in a completely separate directory, one that you will easily be able to copy to your next computer and will be 100% sure that it won’t get deleted.


sorry … l installed atom recently and I can’t work whit that… guide me little more. tnx dude :slight_smile:


and yes… I installed virtualenv with pip python and i made a virtual Environment in a folder for django but atom don’t work


You’re being vague. What part of my response can’t you work with? Are you unsure about what the Virtualenv: Make command is? If so, you should read the documentation for the atom-python-virtualenv package.

You do not have any Django folders open in the screenshot you posted. It’s hard for me to tell you anything about a folder that you don’t have open in your screenshot.



I made a virtualenv with this order is shell


you mean that I must copy that folder in .atom/.apm/ ???


Did I in any way say that? No. You need to forget about that folder in .atom/.apm/. It is a cache folder and does absolutely nothing for you. You need to open the folder with your virtualenv in Atom before you have any chance of seeing whether the package is working.


tnx dude…


What’s the result?


yes… l found that… tnx


What do you see when you open the folder with the virtual environment in Atom?



i added this address in settings about atom-python-virtualenv package