Atom C# Syntax Highlighting


I’m a huge Atom fan. I recently started using Unity and C#, but really cannot stand using MonoDevelop and would really like to get Atom to function as a decent C# text editor (obviously, I’ll still have to debug in MonoDevelop). I’m having issues getting Atom to highlight syntax error with C#. I’ve tried many of the solutions out there, downloading handfuls of packages (Linters, Omnisharp, etc.), but nothing seems to be working on my end. I’m probably missing some steps. If anyone can give me a definitive guide to getting Atom to complete syntax and highlight syntax errors, in C#, I would be greatly appreciative.




I don’t use C#, so I don’t have experience with this, but I can help you try to figure out how to make specific packages work. I think you should pick a package (whichever one looks like it has the features you need) and we can walk through setting it up in this thread.


Hey DamnedScholar,

Thanks for offering to help me :slight_smile:

Well, I’m not a C# guy either, almost entirely C++ with a hint of Python, but Unity forces you to use either C# or Javascript, which is sort of annoying. Anyway, I honestly don’t even know what to grab, in terms of packages, since none seem to be doing what I’d expect (or maybe I’m not understanding the scope of the functionality of the packages I downloaded).

At any rate, I think I would like to try Omnisharp, unless I’m misunderstanding what Omnisharp is supposed to do. So when it is installed, it asks to install about 4-5 other packages that it depends on (from the same developer I believe). But after installing, I’m not seeing any error highlighting or any sort of differences at all.


If you do not find what you are looking for,
there is an article you can look at LINK.

I do hope you find your home here in Atom.
Good luck.


Hey, thanks for the suggestion, I will go this route if I cannot get a package to work with Atom.


Please believe me, I do not like making the suggestion.
But there is no sense in having you limp around either.
Please poke me sometime and let me know what you did.


Understandable, Atom is my go-to editor when I’m outside of my IDE or using a language that is poorly supported by said IDE. I love it. So having to grab another editor is a bit disappointing, but anything will be better than MonoDevelop. Using MonoDevelop has been one of the more terrible experiences in coding I’ve had, lol.


One of those packages is linter, so that’s the answer to the first question.

Scrolling down, we see that the application Mono is required. This is an open-source version of the .NET framework, and will be used by OmniSharp to feed linter the information it requires about where errors are in your code. Do you have Mono installed?


I missed that as a requirement, I will install this and post back here when done. Thanks.


Good deal. :slight_smile:


I’m sorry I forgot to come back and update, life is hectic currently, but this seems to have worked for me. Ironically, this was just announced: