Atom builds repository for Debian/Ubuntu 64bit


I just wanted to share a tip;

Since we needed it at work as well, and we had encountered some problems with another PPA providing Atom builds, I did setup a repository for Debian/Ubuntu that tracks official debs for the Linux build of atom from Github.

Pick it here:




Sorry for resurrecting the zombie…

Looks great - thank you! I’m happy to see you’re still updating it. (It’s at now, FYI, to anybody passing by.)

Any chance you can upload the packages to the jessie repository too? The install script from PackageCloud set up that as the repo to use, without mentioning the fact there are no packages in it. Since they’re the standard debs, I just switched to Wheezy, but that would be handy.



I choose to abandon packagecloud for some reasons; check for my new repositories.


Do you build this manually once you notice a release or are you running an automated script that looks somewhere in a cron job?



I’m running an automated script every hour, parsing the feed from releases page and downloading the artifacts.

The updated instructions are here:

Open a ticket within that project if you encounter any strange behaviour.