Atom-build v0.7.0 - now with better layout. Much wow!


I’ve updated the atom-build package with a more stream-lined layout and overall feel. Give it a go!

atom-build builds your package and give you the command-line output inside the editor - with ansi color support and everything! It’s easy to trigger and can be setup to support any build system since you can specify the commands, arguments and environment yourself. There are also “sane” defaults for common build tools, such as Grunt, node, Make etc.

I hope you find it useful! I’d love contributions, be it code or issue reporting @github.


:heart:ed this just because of the title.

But yea that sounds like a pretty neat package. Do you think you could replace the gif with a bigger one, though? It’s kinda hard to see what’s going on there.


I actually worked a bit with the gif. It measures 1 MB now. I thought it was a good tradeoff since I don’t want it to be too heavy for those poor bastards with dial-up :smiley:. Jokes aside, I just want to show that it does stuff, and then there’s a large green bar which makes everyone feel good about themselves, thus fueling the development progress!