Atom Blog: no RSS feed?


The Atom blog does not have an RSS-feed. How can we subscribe to new posts without having to manually check every now and then?


The Atom blog does have an RSS feed; it’s even being advertised for auto-discovery. The URL is Enjoy.

The real question is: why does the Atom blog have no ATOM feed? :slight_smile:


It wasn’t there before. Apparently they added it just now.


Been a happy subscriber since yesterday. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I asked per email yesterday and checked it out of curiosity. It seems they added one, which is awesome. :smiley:


Every single link points to the blog though, not the article, should be fixed :slight_smile:


@p3lim yep.



FWIW, each article having the same guid breaks some RSS readers – NewsBlur, in particular. It is unable to recognize that there is more than one article.


The other issue is that the feed contradicts itself. It claims it is RSS by using an rss tag and a type of “application/rss+xml”, but then it specifies the Atom XML namespace.

And the feed is not updating on AOL Reader either.


Oh wow, I never noticed! Please fix this.


I sent a report via mail and the issue has been fixed. The articles also show up in AOL Reader now.

Thanks for the report. Good catch! I’ve pushed a fix. Please let me know if you experience any other unexpected behavior.