Atom binary for javascript (or your fav language) developers


In your download page can you add binaries with popular packages built in? For example if you look at they have a binaries with entire packages for java or php baked in.
So in case of javascript development you can include in your downloads …say
Atom for Javascript developers
which can include below packages or more

  • linter-jshint
  • atom-ternjs
  • atom-beautify
  • atom-typescript
  • script
  • file-icons etc

As for who decides these packages? It can be done by community vote…
and if binaries are not possible maybe a script or something which can be run inside atom to fetch all the packages at once.
The idea is to make it easy for newbies to start developing asap instead of hunting youtube or blogs for recommended packages which gets obsolete over time


While this may be something the Atom team decides to do at some point in time, right now we’ve got our hands full just building and polishing the editor. This sounds like a great idea for an ambitious member of the community though! :grinning:


This has been discussed. It could be like the different releases of Linux, each with their own personality. It’s not just the language, it’s also the development environment. So it could break down further into Javascript for VIM users.

I don’t see how that could work. You would never get consensus. What has been discussed is for individuals to present their collections and then some might become popular. You can already do this in a way. You can look up anyone’s starred collection of packages.

i don’t think the Atom team needs to be involved. I don’t want them to stop working on the bugs I’m waiting for (grin). A third-party website could do it.

EDIT: I think there is something that could be more useful than any of these ideas. The package list could be curated and cataloged. It would be a tremendous amount of work, but quite valuable to the community. A person or team of persons could do it.


I definitely agree with and like this idea. The beauty of open source is that anyone can just jump in and get their hands dirty. People don’t need to be waiting on an “official” solution. (I’ve said the same about a package rating system too.)


That could be integrated into the catalog display.

One could do the website now, that would be the easy part. Getting the curation done would be hard. You couldn’t try every package yourself. Also you’d have to gain acceptance in the community. If no one cared you wouldn’t find out until after a lot of hard work.

If the core team made statistics available as to which packages are actually in use it would help a lot. Download count is not a very useful indicator.