Atom beta: no more disable-direct-write?


I run Atom 1.11 using “atom.cmd --disable-direct-write” as it’s the only way to get acceptable fonts in Win7.

With 1.12 the option seems to be no more supported.


That flag was always experimental and was scheduled to be removed by Chromium some time ago. We just updated to a newer version of Chromium in v1.12-beta which seems to have removed it. You can find more in-depth discussion about all of this here:


Well that’s going to be a problem. Here’s how CentBrowser (chromium, but direct write available) and Chrome display the forum:

Se same applies to Atom. There’s no way I’m going to use a blurry editor. I wonder how many people will feel the same; see also:


Yeah, this came as a not so pleasant surprise to me today. The smoother fonts were an essential part for me as well. Microsoft is trying to build all sorts of fancy things but haven’t as yet managed to get their font smoothing fixed. I’m afraid I will be returning to sublime text again.


I guess I’ll never understand people who prefer that, but doesn’t disabling font-smoothing in styles.less do the trick?

html {
  -webkit-font-smoothing: none;