Atom-beautify seems to mix code with text strings


Newbie - could be this is a settings issue, but…

In a (saved) Javascript file, extension ‘.js’, is the following statement:

if (lijstItem.innerText.indexOf(’{“data”:{“patentView”’) !== -1) {

atom-beautify seems to apply the two ‘{’ inside the text string

as if they are part of the programme code and not part of text string.

Is this a bug?


It looks like you’re missing }} right before the closing '. You have two {s that don’t get terminated. What happens when you change that?


Hihi, yes, that is precisely my point: when I close the opened ‘{’ inside or outside the search string text, it affects the code statements!

I’ve since seen that even ‘{’ in commented texts (so after ‘//’) are considered for pairing: they also receive this nice red underscore, pairing comment text to code statements - ???


Please take a screenshot of a file before and after using atom-beautify so that we can see what’s happening in more detail.


Hmm, sorry - I can’t seem to reproduce this situation.

I threw most of that code out yesterday :cry:

For completeness only, on the comment bit: