Atom-beautify issue - not sure if bug or feature


So I have installed atom-beautify along with php-cs-fixer.phar which I have correctly referenced in the settings. CTRL-ALT-B starts the beautification and it does its thing…

One thing I cannot get it to do though, is to “de-indent” lines that are indented too much. Say I declare a variable (in an empty file, “<?php” and all that jazz) and gives it an indentation. Beautifying the file now does not scootch the file back to zero indentation, but leaves it alone…

Is there a way to force proper indentation?




Have you filed an Issue on the atom-beautify package?


I have not. I’ll do that right away.



Hm, okay. So I wasn’t aware of the concept of “fixers”. It seems to me like atom-beautify is simply a “proxy” for existing beautifiers/reformatters and as such, it doesn’t really do anything other than activating and applying the rules of said beautifiers/reformatters.

I’ve since fiddled with a lot of the fixers in Atom. - The problem as I currently see it, is that the php-cs-fixer.phar package doesn’t include a fixer that de-indents.

So it’s pretty much not a bug, as far as I can tell.