Atom-Beautify 'could not find docker' error


I have been using Atom and the atom-beautify package for a while now. Usually, I would just install atom-beautify from within Atom and then it was ready to go. I just installed version 0.32.4, and every time I save my files I get the error " Could not find ‘docker’. The program may not be installed".
I never had to install anything else before. Is this a recent change?


You should report bugs on the package repository. Make sure it’s not a duplicate of any first though.


This is just a message you get now when the beautifier for the current grammar isn’t installed, and there is a way to install it through Docker. Just check to see what beautifier you need, and the instructions to install.


Are you sure? I use uncrustify and I have installed it successfully and still get this error.


I was pretty sure, I had it show up when I was editing a shell script and it went away when I installed beautysh. But I’m not 100%, I would second Aerijo about opening an issue on the repo if it’s not working as expected.