Atom (awesome) Preview Mode


I’m wondering if there is a chance to do some kind of Preview Mode for Atom.
Just open the file with syntax coloring etc. but only for small changes, without any addons, plugins, themes, just display “code” -> change something or read -> save -> close.
If someone need plugins, themes in Preview Mode you should be able to setup which one you want.
OK! If you want all of your plugins, themes just use a normal one - not Preview Mode!
Sometimes a have to format .xml file because it’s generated in one line (without indentation). Open file in Preview Mode
-> use CTRL+SHIFT+X (shortcut from plugin) -> save & close.
This mode could work only for files (I think) not for directories (not sure if it’s necessary).
Main reason for this mode is way faster file opening, do something with content and save.

Is here someone who need that?