Atom automatically builds java project. How to disable this?


I have a java project with this structure:

  • Project
  • bin/
  • src/
  • Makefile

For some reason, everytime I double click in a .java file (inside src/) to open it, Atom decides to build the project and place all the .class files in src/. How can I disable this? I haven’t added any build package to atom, so I don’t know why it is automatically building my project…


What is the output of apm list --installed (from a terminal)? It definitely sounds like one of the packages you installed is automatically building everything. Perhaps linter-javac?


Yes, you are right. I found out shortly after posting this thread that linter-javac was causing this. However, this didn’t happen before. I’ve had linter-javac installed for months, and only now did this start to happen.

I opened an issue for it.
Would you happen to know how to fix it? (Besides disabling the package)


Unfortunately not - I actually had to disable the package because it was extremely slow to lint, and also compiled all the Java files in my project, including files in a totally different directory.


Have you found any other java linter for Atom?


I’m aware of, but haven’t tried it out yet.