Atom autocomplete with tabs


I was trying to make atom’s autocomplete work with tab, more similarly to the one sublime offers. The way it works in sublime is that if you press tab after you type a few letters, it toggles with autocomplete (but when you didn’t recently write something, it inserts a tab). I have seen the suggestion in the package for autocomplete, however, their suggestion seems to make my tab always autocomplete with tab or maybe I don’t know how to make it work properly. Does anyone know how to provide the functionality I am trying to get?

(Also, once I update the ~/.atom/keymap.cson, is there a way to reload it without leaving atom?)


You may want to look at the autocomplete-plus package.


Sorry, missed this bit when I replied before …

The keymap.cson is automatically reloaded when it is changed, like all of the configuration files. You don’t need to do anything except save the file.


even if I updated it in the terminal using vim? I am asking because my new key binding doesn’t seem to work yet.


That part I don’t know. I haven’t tried editing it in another editor to see if or when it picks up the changes.