Atom autocomplete usability problem


I’ve a problem with atom showing the autocomplete dialog with totally wrong (IMHO) suggestions, mostly when I close a function with “}” or add a semicolon, as this one:

Anyone got something like this and any workaround?


What autocomplete providers do you have installed?

ais﹫redux:~$apm list --installed --enabled --packages|grep autocomple
ais﹫redux:~$apm list --installed --enabled |grep autocomple
ais﹫redux:~$apm list --enabled |grep autocomple
├── autocomplete-atom-api@0.10.6
├── autocomplete-css@0.17.5
├── autocomplete-html@0.8.4
├── autocomplete-plus@2.40.0
├── autocomplete-snippets@1.11.2


Try disabling ones until you work out which is causing it. Bear in mind some packages (like the IDE ones) provide autocomplete but do not have ‘autocomplete’ in the name. It may take some more work to find the culprit if the ones you’ve already found aren’t it.