Atom auto updater not working


Hi, for a while my Atom 0.190 wouldn’t update automatically and never acknowledged there was a newer version. So today I decided to download the installer again and see if it updated, well it did update to 0.194. But now the release notes in the program still display 0.190 and the button saying “Restart and update” and clicking this does nothing other than restart the app.

So I have a 0.194 Atom displaying 0.190 release note and wanting to update, yet checking for updates says I have the latest version. I think something is broke.

Unable to auto-update from 0.181.0

I believe this can be fixed by going into Atom’s Local Storage and deleting the release-notes:previousVersion key.


Ah, thank you. I had to actually delete a different key something like release-notes:currentVersion and it fixed it, but the thing I removed didn’t appear again so it must not have been important.