Atom: Auto-complete function


Hi all,

I am totally new to Python 3 and Atom. After deciding to start learning Python 3 with Atom Editor, I have a question.

When I use Jupyter Notebook, I can use the for auto-completion and for getting help in regard of functions ,…

For example:

import numpy as np

When I press after the ‘np.array’ I will get suggestions and auto-complete options.

How may I use this function in Atom Editor?



I use ide-python for autocomplete and diagnostics purposes.


Thank you.
I already installed this. If I use

import math

I will get the same result as you showed.

If I use:
import numpy
I dont get anything.

May someone help me?



I also get completions with numpy.

Do you have any autocomplete packages installed for Python? If so, disable them and try again. If you go to the ide-python settings, are all of the checkboxes marked? The important part is Jedi, which is the program that has the ability to read your dependencies.



now I followed your instructions but I receive an error:


While trying to enter the command mentioned in the terminal I got this:

Sorry, I am totally new to Python, Atom and Linux. What am I doing wrong?
I installed python3 and pip3 only.



Sorry for asking again. Right now, I discovered the following… what does it mean?


I also checked the $PATH variable and normally it should work:


It means that the language server is starting. I don’t know why it doesn’t work all the time. It does the same for me, and I haven’t been able to figure out what the common denominator is when the language server doesn’t load correctly.


Strange. Thank you. So I installed it correctly?
I just don’t get it, why the auto-completion won’t work with numpy


Try autocomplete-python. It also uses Jedi for completions, and it doesn’t have the same tempermentalness issue as the language server.


It is pretty sad. I really like that editor, but I am not able to activate the autocompletion.


Someone with an idea?