Atom asks if you want to save, crashes when files go missing


If you’re editing files from, say, a network drive or am external disk, Atom will ask if you want to save every single file you have open (even if they were saved before the drive got disconnected), then hang when you go to close the window until you click force close.


Can you file a bug on this?

Also, could you give the following information when you do?

  • Which version of Atom are you using?
  • What OS and version are you running?
  • Do you have the React editor enabled?
  • Can you reproduce the issue after completely exiting Atom and restarting using atom --safe?


Also, there are a number of issues open on the repo which describe problems working with files over a network, including slowness, crashes and other weird behavior.

This is still in the process of being fixed, but maybe what you’re seeing has already been reported in one of them?