Atom as git core editor -- not working


I’m a new user of Atom and Git. I’ve configured git to use Atom as its core editor. Mostly Atom works for me; and mostly, git works for me. Together, they aren’t happy.

Atom is configured as the editor in this manner: git config --global core.editor “‘C:/users/[user]/appdata/local/atom/bin/atom.cmd’ --new-window --wait”

I’ve also tried it without the “–new-window” flag, with no difference in result.

When I issue a “git commit” command, I get some form of the following:

App load time: 545ms
[1228:0424/] Invalid accelerator token: command
[1228:0424/] Invalid accelerator token: command
[1228:0424/] Invalid accelerator token: command
[1228:0424/] Invalid accelerator token: command
[1228:0424/183522:INFO:CONSOLE(52)] “Window load time: 1483ms”, source: file:///C:/Users/[user]/AppData/Local/atom/app-1.7.2/resources/app.asar/static/index.js (52)
[1228:0424/183525:INFO:CONSOLE(1282)] “Error refreshing repository status:”, source: C:\Users[user]\AppData\Local\atom\app-1.7.2\resources\app.asar\src\git-repository-async.js (1282)
[1228:0424/183525:INFO:CONSOLE(1283)] “Error: Reference ‘refs/heads/master’ not found”, source: C:\Users[user]\AppData\Local\atom\app-1.7.2\resources\app.asar\src\git-repository-async.js (1283)
[1228:0424/183525:INFO:CONSOLE(392)] “Uncaught (in promise) Error: Reference ‘refs/heads/master’ not found”, source: node.js (392)
[1228:0424/183526:INFO:CONSOLE(0)] “::shadow pseudo-element is deprecated. See for more details.”, source: (0)
error: There was a problem with the editor ‘‘C:/users/[user]/appdata/local/atom/bin/atom.cmd’ --new-window --wait’.
Please supply the message using either -m or -F option.

I don’t know whether the “-m” or “-F” option would solve the problem, but if it will I’m not sure how to supply one of those.

Can anyone help?



Sorry, Atom v1.7.2.


@boster618 Please file an Issue at and post a link to the new Issue here on this topic so I can point the correct people to it.


Thanks, @leedohm. I have opened an issue at github. The link is

I’ve reviewed the debugging guidelines, FAQ’s, etc, but still I’m new to the process in this environment. Please let me know if I can provide more information.



Bug identified and fixed by @damieng at github. Thanks.