Atom as a WYSIWYG HTML editor

I was told that Atom includes a WYSIWYG HTML Editor. I am looking for such an editor so that I can open an HTML web page, make visual changes, and save it back as HTML. Can Atom do this for me ? I did not see anything in the “Atom Flight Manual” document that explains any of this. I admit I already have a cross-platform text editor which I am pleased to use so I will not be using Atom for that purpose but if it can serve as a WYSIWYG HTML editor I would like to try it out. The vast majority of WYSIWYG HTML editors are not useful for me so I am hoping Atom can be so.

If the OP prefers to stick with Atom then I suggest …

Install packages …

Then HTML can be written using markdown syntax and previewed in separate preview panel in Atom.

You do not seem to understand that I already have normal HTML5 code and need to be able to edit that code visually and save it again. It does not sound like Atom can do that, although I am sure it is a fine general purpose editor.

My HTML5 code that I need to visually change is not written using markdown syntax but normal HTML5. It does not sound like Atom can do what I want although I am sure it is a fine editor.

Well I am previewing HTML right now (with and without markdown). Plus Laravel, PHP etc…

That is good but I see no documentation of how I use Atom as a WYSIWYG HTML editor. Does it exist anywhere ? What do I need to do to open an HTML page and have it appear within a WYSIWYG visual editing environment ?

I tend to write code in Atom and then preview. But you are looking for a full blown WYSIWYG editor embedded inside Atom.

There are historical threads.

DamnedScholar (unfortunately I have not see him writing recently in this forum) suggested sync between Atom editor and external tool. I have just tried toggling between Atom editor and SeaMonkey. But I will continue with writing code and previewing in browser.

Thanks ! The only reason I pursued this topic is because some reviews of available WYSIWYG HTML editors mentioned Atom. If such functionality does not exist yet in Atom I understand, as I am sure Atom is an excellent editor, even as I currently use something else as a text editor. I wish Atom the best and I will probably try it out some time in the future as a text editor for myself just to see what is offered.