Atom as a Substitute for Enthought Canopy


I learned python on Enthought Canopy (from the course Introduction to Computer Science and Programmming Using Python by MIT on edX). However, I prefer Atom’s interface to Canopy’s. I have been able to run scripts in atom using the script package. What I have been unable to do is to run what Canopy calls it’s ‘interactive data-analysis environment’. Basically, what I want to do is that after I execute a function in atom using the script package, I want to be able to run the function without executing the entire code again. For example, if I have written the function simpleFunction(item), I want to be able to run simpleFunction(3) without writing print (simpleFunction(3)) in the original code and then executing it again.


It sounds like what you want is a Python REPL in Atom. Unfortunately, nobody has created one yet as far as I can tell.