Atom as a Docker container


I have seen there is a Dockerfile in the Atom main repo.
Would be interesterd in running Atom as a Docker container on Linux.
Where would it store my customizations?
Would it be posible to just store them in my Github account and just run Atom as a container?


Can you run rich-client GUI apps inside a container?
The Dockerfile doesn’t actually install Atom, as far as I can see.


Not only you can. I just found that somebody is already making the experiment.


Not too experienced with Docker myself atm. I believe running Atom in a container should be possible, not sure how ENV variables(Atom in CLI) would work, or the auto updater though. For settings you can point directory locations to a data volume container, this would mount your file system and store your user data there. You could probably sync that online via Dropbox or similar.

Not all packages stored data in the same way from memory, if they don’t store data in your external paths that map to the data container then that data either vanishes after the container is closed or persists with that container(container update will erase that data however?).


I think so, the data wich is not stored in your host machine mounted directories would be lost.


Inside the ~/.atom dir there are some two interesting files, packages and compile-cache. These will probably make it super easy to have into sync the different atom instances.

It seems that only one external volume would be necessary.


There is no need to worry about compile-cache. It can be deleted at any time and if a source file changes it will generate a new cached item.

You should also sync all the loose files in .atom so that settings are synced. Those and packages are all you need.

Edit: Removed old incorrect information.


Packages could be restored using the stars system in apm. You can star and star install packages.
Maybe better than storing them.