Atom ARM64

Hi just wanted to suggest/ask if Atom could be ported to ARM64 for single board computers like the Raspberry pi for example as I have Manjaro ARM64 on my raspberry pi 4 8gb and would love to be able to use my favourite editor on it with all my other tools and is only on x86_64

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Hi, I also think that having Atom on ARM64 is a must. Single board computers are really useful!

I’m trying hard to get Atom installed on Raspberry 4 and Ubuntu 20.04. Following the instructions everything works fine but fails with this:

` 154 error code ELIFECYCLE
  155 error errno 1
  156 error electron-mksnapshot@9.0.2 install: `node ./download-mksnapshot.js`
  156 error Exit status 1
  157 error Failed at the electron-mksnapshot@9.0.2 install script.`

Obviously this package is not available on npm/arm64 as I am suggested to download a zip package…

It should be possible to join forces to get Atom installed and then build Debian packages.

Any luck with Atom on the Raspberry Pi yet?

it is on Manjaro

Not yet but I might look into it, since it’s based on electron and some of my software also being electron based and on multiple architectures including Arm7l and arm64 it shouldn’t be to hard unless they coded it in a stupid way.

Visual Code Studio is on Arm and on Manajaro’s Arm64 repo and is pretty good also.