Atom Appears to Me Like A Browser Dev Mode?


Hello, for some reason when I open Atom, it opens a Browser Dev Mode instead… I cannot get rid of this no matter how many times I have uninstalled/reinstall with Chocolatey and via the installer on … Im using Windows 10. Any help would be appreciated, as I am now unable to use Atom :*(



It doesn’t appear like a browser. It is a browser. The dev mode in Atom is the same as the dev mode in Chromium. That error log probably contains your answer. Please post the errors here as well as what version of Atom you’re using. Then try to open Atom via the command line with atom --safe and see if the problem happens then.


@DamnedScholar thanks. I didn’t know Atom had anything to do with a web browser. This gave me comfort in going to the .atom folder under my user and just deleted it. I knew that it would be regenerated upon rebooting Atom. That fixed it.