Atom and Unity3D


Hi all,

Has anyone been using Atom to replace MonoDevelop that comes packaged with the Unity3D game engine? I added the C# package, which is helpful, but not sure if anyone else has been able to integrate the Unity API with code complete.


I looked into it, but haven’t spent enough time on it to know for sure if it’s possible to integrate the API or not. Looks like it’ll be a bit of work to get it up to a point where it can replace MonoDevelop without slowing you down.
So far I’ve made a couple of snippets, stuff like this.gameObject.GetComponent<$1>()$0, but obviously not the same as integrating the API.


On this topic, does anyone know how to tell Atom to ignore specific files, based on extensions? Would love to be able to get rid of the .meta files showing up.

If no one knows a way, I’ll write a package to do it when I get the time.


If you search around the boards, there is a link to this issue that was fixed a couple months ago:


Thanks! Worked.

@Grimeh awesome! Keep us posted!


Thanks, that did exactly what I wanted.

The problem I had was that I couldn’t find how to do this from within Atom. I expect this will eventually not be the case as it gains traction and more people spread useful tips, settings, etc.

For those who see this thread and are trying to do the same thing I was: you have to go to tree-view package settings, enable “Hide ignored files”, and then add any patterns to ignore in Atom’s main settings (cmd+,), eg. *.meta for Unity’s VCS meta files.


I would love a tutorial on getting ATOM to work with Unity3d. Anybody know of a good article somewhere?