Atom and sublime can't save session after I restart


I installed atom and sublime text 3 on my mac, all of them will not save my session after I closed the editor, that means all the project disappeared on the tree view if I restart the editor! I guess it’s the fault of mac os sierra , because before updated to it , everything was fine! what setting I missed?


Could it be iCloud Drive backups interfering? Otherwise you should provide more info, e.g. Atom/Node/npm/apm versions or whether it can be reproduces in safe mode.


ok, I wonder this bug is only my personal bug or every mac os user have ?
this is my info:

atom -v

Atom    : 1.12.5
Electron: 1.3.9
Chrome  : 52.0.2743.82
Node    : 6.5.0

apm -v

apm  1.12.9
npm  3.10.5
node 4.4.5
python 2.7.10
git 2.9.3

my local node version is v7.1.0.


I’m using Sierra and I don’t have any problems with Sublime Text or Atom


what’s wrong with my mac? I’m tired with this problem! anyway thanks!